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Digital Marketing Services

Imagine your ideal customer is searching for your product or service. How do they find you? In an ultra-competitive marketplace, placing your targeted message in front of motivated people who are ready to buy, is pivotal for your business growth.

As one of many agencies delivering digital marketing services, we can all say we’ll deliver clicks to your website through Google Ads (including YouTube Ads) and Microsoft Advertising (Bing). But our difference? Is that we look beyond the click. More than a transaction, we utilise PPC advertising (pay-per-click) as a tool to help you reach your big-picture goals.

Our PPC campaigns are strategic. We’re not a lead generation agency who is simply trying to get an astronomically high number of clicks. While that might make us look good in the short-term, it won’t give you the return on spend you need. So what we do instead is we fully invest in your campaign. We apply our expertise and experience to execute well-founded strategies which are proven to attract the customers who are likely to convert and buy from you.

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)

To be effective, your social media campaign must be driven by strategy, creativity and result-orientated goals. It must engage the people you want to attract to your business. And ultimately? It must compel quality leads to take action.
Here at SDM, we work with you to design a social media blueprint that’s tailored for your unique business. With a deep understanding of how to deliver full-funnelled ads on the platforms best suited to you, our team optimises your paid social media presence, boosts brand engagement and fast tracks new leads to your landing page or website.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Is your current digital marketing strategy generating the best return for your business? Does your team have the capacity to measure, evaluate and refine your marketing efforts? Perhaps your marketing is reactive, rather than being based on well-founded, tried and tested strategies?

At Sydney Digital, we’re powered by our brilliant Digital Customer Experience (DCX) We look at your business as a whole and work with you to fill the wants and needs of your target audience through every stage of the buyer journey.

Marketing advice and campaign guidance is just one aspect of our multi-faceted approach. Our two decades of experience have taught us just how to set you up for long-term success and growth, as well as generate small quick-wins.

Web Design

More than a shop front for your business, your website is your online ‘round the clock’ salesperson. And as such you should treat your online presence with respect and as an investment for both today and tomorrow and for many years to come. Critical for successful lead-generation and sales revenue, your website needs to be easily found by potential customers. That’s why our strategy always begins with finding the best way to get you a first page result on Google.

Web Development

Looking beyond the standard web design and development formula, we optimise your website for functionality, intuitive flow, responsiveness and goal-conversion. And, with mobile phones now accounting for over half of website traffic worldwide, our mobile-first design ensures your user experience is seamless.

Bringing together our best tech, design and copy minds, we deliver a powerful, high-converting website, tailored for your business.

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Over the year’s we’ve worked with many businesses, both big & small. We helped them utilise the power of digital marketing to achieve these great results. This has fueled their growth and now all of them are well settled in their own respective business domains. Here’s a glimpse of the results we’ve achieved so far:

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+110% Conversions

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Property Developer


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Car Dealership

+340% Leads in 3 months

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Medical Devices Company

+186% Revenue in 9 Months

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Retail POS Supplier

+244% Organic Traffic

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